The site consisted of two small apartments, side by side, which were to be brought together as a single 1500 Sqft apartment for a family of 6. Previously planned as two separate houses, the layout comprised of the typical cubicle-like spaces that was completely ripped apart for an open layout maximizing the visual connect as well as utilization of the space available. 

All the bedrooms were tucked away on one side while the public areas opened out towards the balconies. All built in furniture was concealed and flushed to create clear circulation spaces.

As very much expected, a column came in the way; giving us the perfect opportunity to create a subtle separation between the formal and an informal living room with a customized double-sided sofa. 

While the overall material palette is kept neutral and monolithic, the visuals reflect strong individual tastes through slight pop of colors and textures. The veneer cap (which smartly hides away all kinks and junctions in the ceiling) becomes the tying element.

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