Transformation of a 150 yr old building with a long illustrious history of having gone through multiple avatars from its original as a film studio, to a restaurant and more into a ‘re-invented’ and ‘re-imagined’ version of a standard diagnostic scan centre. Maintaining the integrity of the space, adaptability of the design across various types of sites, with minimal set of elements that could repeat, the space is envisioned with a calm Japanese – Zen like atmosphere.

It is sparse and neat as dictated by function, interspersed with warmth through plush custom furniture, a sober material palette and plenty of greenery to bring in some vibrancy. Taking inspiration from the brand logo, the ceiling became a series of grids that concealed the services and brought a sense of scale to the corridors; this graphic not only paid homage to the brand & the heritage site but also became an integral element to our kit of parts that could repeat in all future clinics.

The medical pictography and representation inspired by artist Nester Formentera aims to sensitize the user to the complexity of the body in a very subtle manner. The art as well as the info graphics are eye catching that intentionally become a form of distraction to occupy ones mind while waiting.

Designing this centre only reinforced our notion that we must always question the program. Small, simple, cost effective interventions have helped us reinterpret the typical and change the experience of a supposedly standardized space, to create a sense of comfort and ease in a space that reduces anxiety and gets the user intrigued but at the same time curious and excited for more. The challenge, we realized was not the site or requirements but in stretching the boundaries of our creativity and thought process.

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