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Our brief was to conceptualise a bold impact-full story that would bring the most out of a typical compartmentalised apartment layout with minimum turnover time & Budget. Task at hand was to achieve a space that is fresh & plush in its visual, open and unrestricted in its function, setting a highly dramatic and alluring mood.

When it comes to typical apartment interior layouts most clients look for two main things: one, to make the spaces feel as large as possible and the other being that of maximising storage. The storage requirements were taken care of at the layout planning level wherein one continuous surface in each room became the storage. In parallel we took it upon ourselves to explore an assortment of techniques and elements that could visually expand the surfaces and therefore the spaces, while keeping in mind the tight timeline and the budget.

We figured that with just the use of the right materials and a few elements and some good old tricks, one could create the illusion of expanse and spatial volume, extracting the maximum out of the shell given; concluding that the bold and smart way to transform the space into a fresh, opulent abode would be through just two elements – Prints & Panels. Our process began with accentuating and visually expanding the larger surfaces of the shell, and we did that using only two elements : rich walnut wood panelling and bold customised art prints. The shell is treated in a combination of subtle textures and deep walnut wood. While the floor is laid with seamless Alaska grey marble, the living room entrance wall is accentuated through a framework-like paneling, reminiscent of the grand classical wainscoting details.

The opposite wall, the corner is made to diminish with a complimentary wooden panel that takes care of all the wiring for audio visual equipment, incorporates concealed doors for the bedrooms and visually elongates the otherwise broken surface. The Dining takes on a cooler palette with plush quilted bench seating and prints in amber and royal blue as a backdrop.

The bedroom designs are rendered responding to the light conditions, wherein textures and patterns create the backdrop to some bold custom design furniture and lights. Subtle pops of colour in the furniture and prints in the soft furnishings compose a radiant visual that is highlighted with lights and objects in rich antique brass. The kids’ bedroom is mature, smart and strong on graphics. The palette is kept generic allowing the space and the elements in space to grow with time. An urban-scape print wraps around the bathroom block while the bed is housed within an upholstered niche between the wardrobes. The longest wall intentionally kept in a white print is for those scribbles and doodles that define a kids’ space. The master bedroom is dramatic with an enigmatic print on the main wall. The space is blended together in deep hues with aubergine furnishings, large bronze mirror surfaces and hints of antique brass and rich walnut wood accents.

This project is all about continuous lines and surfaces that create an un-interrupted visual flow and spatial expanse. Every design decision, material choice has been a derivative of that thought. While the prints have been the champion, everything else complimenting the prints has had an equal role to play to bring the story alive. This sense of cohesiveness is what makes it a successful project: A bold, plush “Waltz of Prints”.

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