The minimalist Pop

Residential | Interiors | 985 SqFT | CHENNAI

A home that is bold, quirky and full of joy. This typical 2.5BHK apartment needed to be casual and completely fuss free.  Inspired by the KonMari method, we planned the spaces to make the most out of what was available with the least number of bulky units and insertions.

In this linear apartment the space flowed from living room into the dining with a balcony at the far edge. This created a visually long and continuous wall that became the backdrop to our living spaces. We treated the shell as a blank white canvas. Our primary focus was to create a cohesive design story that is fresh, bold and quirky, quite minimalist, that merges all elements and objects in space harmoniously…

…Where art is not the last layer, instead a starting point and a guide to build the rest of the space around, where the furniture is not an add-on but a ingenious part of the composition.

The white shell is contrasted with black lines combined with the undertone of grays and a somber cool color palette. Keeping the shell in stark white paint, the colors and the textures were brought in the furniture and accessories. Matt lacquer finishes are used on the wardrobes with black tinted glass and mirror adding that reflective contrast. To complete the visual graphic we customized bold prints and patterns in loose cushions and painstakingly sourced the furniture, art & carpets to complement the look.

Every design project takes a different route and a conceptual process. In all our previous projects art always came in as an addition, the last one to complete the visual. Here, as a first for us, our design process was a derivative of the art pieces that set the tone and defined the graphic language. As a design exercise, this gave us clear guidelines as well as the freedom to build the space, keeping the end result true to the minimalist concept with harmonious hints of pop.

Published in GoodHomes Magazine | Web | Aug 08,2020

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