Project Array


Project Array captures the essence of traditional jewellery making workshops in the design of a workspace for Caratlane, a leading jewellery brand. Complete with bespoke work-stations, personalised light sculptures, multi-hued breakout spaces, this is an atypical, ‘not-so-commercial’ functionally smart, visually quirky and highly personalised work-space.

This is a space composed of holistic workstation modules : a ‘plug & play’ system. Cue-ing from traditional jewellery making spaces, these are arrayed into rows defining each ones own personal space, in-turn creating a space that has a very subconscious connect between the seller, the designer and the craftsman. 

The module houses the communal working surface, open shelving, personal storage units, visitor benches with drawer pull outs and the task and ambient lighting: all in one single unit. The canopy like light sculptures rise from the floor where two branches light up the working space, while the other two light up the circulation space. These branches are individually controlled and can be angled as per personal preference, allowing judicial use of energy, lowering up the running costs of an 24hr office. The electricals in the flooring allow addition of workstations as per requirement, creating an ever-growing set up.

The arrayed rows are interspersed with colourful patches of break-out zones. The ciivl modulations in the site perimeter were filled up with our multi-level low Zen-like seating for those casual huddles & discussions & breaks. 

Further, the open cafe like pantry with multilevel seating displays a miniature form of our Canopies carrying forward the casual multi-level seating concept.  Monochrome sliding panels of writing glass and printed pin boards control the seeping in of the harsh natural light as and when required. For us, this was a highly concept driven project. In parallel, this is a study of sustainability; how smart solutions can simplify and improve the day to day functioning of a typical office. A study of optimisation, how small interventions in product design can create a holistic solution to cater to all ergonomic and user requirements. This is a study of restraint, in design of elements, use of materials, time and cost, both during construction and after, a study of astute spatial design, where aesthetics is not an add-on but a by-product of logical decisions driven by purpose, context and function.

Award | Young Practice of the Year, Commendation | IIID Design Excellence Awards 2019

Award | Shortlist, Commercial | Wade India 2019

Award | Igen 2020

Published in Home & Design Trends Magazine|Vol 07| Issue08 | Jan2020

Published in Good Homes Magazine|Web | April24, 2020

Published in India Design World |Web| Aug10, 2020

Published in Archidiaries | Web |Sep9, 2020

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