Luxe @ Uthandi

Residential | INTERIORS | 10,000 SqFT | CHENNAI

It is Luxe and bold while being sophisticated and elegant. Designs for this residence are conceived with a neat palette and subtle details. Using contrasting materials & textures such as marble, rough granite, lots of natural wood and antique brass, the designs are minimal yet very graphical with clean lines and forms.

The floor is treating as a seamless surface. The ceiling on the other hand takes on a visual graphic made up of crisp black lines from the laser lights, the chandeliers, the wood inserts and the ac grills. The services were planned to the dot to ensure every service element is either concealed or becomes a part of the graphic visual.

The visual compositions are predominantly made of straight lines with which softer elements are interspersed. The living room takes on a wall graphic of staturio marble with brass inserts while the furniture typology is soft and organic highlighted with rings of suspended lights. The informal lounge follows a similar compositional quality with a flip. The wall shelves is in brass with softer curved edges while the walls and the furniture are kept crisp and straight.

The interior language all through out the house is cohesive with bold inserts exclusive to the space. It is a celebration of visual elegance and harmony of materials with bespoke details and textures that create a rather luxurious & chic atmosphere without it being too bling and overtly glamorous.

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