Oak House

Residential | Interiors | 1,675 SqFT | CHENNAI

A three-bedroom typical apartment layout was reworked to open out the spaces. The civil walls were minimized to just about the essential ones creating larger connections and visually expanding the space. Located in the heart of the city, the spaces are internalized.

It is humble and simple, while being sophisticated and modern. The mood, material and the furniture palette are minimal and neutral. Crisp black lines add that tad bit of a contrast. These appear in the ceiling as light tracks, as grooves on the marble and in the oak wood paneling. 

The bedroom wardrobes are translucent allowing for the spatial expanse to visually double up. Most of the storage in the common areas is inbuilt, concealed in paneling creating that unrestricted circulation space.

Titled the Oak house, it is a celebration of visual elegance and harmony of materials. Keeping the material palette limited to oak wood, staturio marble and some inserts of glass, Oak house comes together as a space that is filled with natural light, highlighted with seamless surfaces, adorning very subtle luxury; a perfect example of a harmonious, elegant modern home.

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