Kodai Cottage

Residential | Interiors | Kodaikanal

Though we had visited Palni hills many times, Kodaikanal was in its most natural essence introduced to us only through this project. Amidst the Shola trees, a traditional English styled cottage was being built using local materials; hand cut stone, timber rafters with lush foliage to wrap the cottage in greens if not the often-visiting mist. 

The structure created vistas all oriented towards the lake. We were to create warm, inspiring spaces true to the setting, with traditional English furniture collected over many generations. While the shell was finished in subtle textures, the flooring was in natural teak. 

Teak became the hero material as minimal paneling (our take on the typical wainscoting detail), pelmet details and the customized furniture to compliment the traditional pieces. Shola trees became our inspiration, a cohesive visual overlay, seen in the kitchen shutters, bar facade, consoles, seating pieces as well as soft furnishings.

The upper floors took on a punch of color with traditional details such as arches, wallpaper clad ceilings and canopies, with a modern twist, topped with the roof rafters exposed, each in a different solid color.

Architecture by Jeevan & Associates

Landscape by KC Design Studio

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