CONCEPT STORE 4: Plush Elegance

RETAIL | Interiors

We were commissioned to conceptualize ‘The store of the future’ by a leading contemporary jewelry brand. The brand offered a wide range of designs inspired from textures and patterns in nature, craft techniques, architectural forms; all translated into bold enigmatic, charmingly subtle, quirky and unconventional or elegant and understated pieces. Every product told a story. We translated those stories into four different spatial experiences. Plush Elegance is one of those stores.

Plush Elegance takes us to a lady’s boudoir or salon. It is the space where she unwinds, kicks off her shoes, removes her jewellery and lets down her hair. We wanted to create a comfortable, yet elegant atmosphere. 

Recreate the feeling of being at home where you’re truly relaxed and at ease. Think warm wooden flooring, intricate wooden screens, plush Kashmiri carpets, stuffed sofas with downy cushions and throws.

The jewelry display blends seamlessly with the wainscoting- panels with punctures that are light up to display the jewelry. The screens offer a semblance of privacy cozy spaces. Boudoir furniture like dressers becoming seating while one is trying out some of the pieces on display. The lighting is dim with only the jewelry being highlighted. The mood is rich, cozy and lounge-like, where one would sit and relax for hours trying out the most exquisite pieces of jewelry, literally as you would in your home dresser.

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