CONCEPT STORE 3: Enigmatic Deco

RETAIL | Interiors

We were commissioned to conceptualize ‘The store of the future’ by a leading contemporary jewelry brand. The brand offered a wide range of designs inspired from textures and patterns in nature, craft techniques, architectural forms; all translated into bold enigmatic, charmingly subtle, quirky and unconventional or elegant and understated pieces. Every product told a story. We translated those stories into four different spatial experiences. Enigmatic Deco is one of those stores.

Enigmatic Deco combines Gustav Klimt’s aesthetic with the Art Deco movement. The result is a bold, delicate and beautiful integrating heavy materials and a dark color palette with intricate patterns and lighting.

An undulating periphery in rock cut rough texture natural stone housing brightly lit pocket displays with black Marquina floor and dark ceiling form the shell of the space. The star element is a whimsical, intricate arched colonnade topped with lace like jaali in metal, defining the central axis. This walkway houses flatbed display units that are lit internally. Adding to the dark fairytale are floating white orb like brass pendant lights.

The space exudes a sense of mystery, immediately drawing attention to the contrast and drama created by the glittering gold and diamond jewels.

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